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November 14 2013


3G Men’s Bowling Shoes

Any serious bowler knows 3G Bowling which is a brand of 900 Global – a manufacturer of balls, bags and shoes.

In this article I want to review 3G's line of shoes for men for the 2013-2014 seasons. In a few follow-up posts I will review every shoe separately and in greater details.

With that being said 3G currently has four models in their men’s line: 3G Sport Classic, 3G Sport Deluxe, 3G Sport Ultra, 3G Tour Ultra and 3G Sport Ultra that range in price between $89.99 and $179.99.

It’s not a secret that 3G shoes are more expensive so if you are looking for something cheap I would say that you check out Brunswick’s offerings.

All shoes from 3G come with 1 year limited warranty from the manufacturer which is the same with what all other bowling shoes manufacturers offer. Price wise they cost about the same everywhere online no matter whether you will buy them from Ebay.com, Amazon or any of the other big websites in the bowling niche. For that reason you need to search long and hard to get the most for your money.

See, Amazon.com and the likes has accumulated number of loyal customers over the years who buy from them only regardless of the fact that most often than not they charge more for the products they sell.

However, if you’re like me you want to get the most for your money on everything you buy including bowling products.

Fortunatelly there’re sites with fair prices and excellent customer service simply because they need every paying customer they can get to be in business. Maybe one day they will become the next Amazon.com or BowlingBall and they will start charging premium too but right now these sites are the ones that offer deals on bowling shoes.

One such site is LongLiveBowling.com. It was launched a year or so ago by a former U.S. Team Coach Sean Klug who’s been in bowling for more than forty years as a bowler (started bowling when he was 5), pro shop owner and operator and coach.

So, what makes LLB.com different is the fact that it offers free both ways shipping on every ball, bag and shoe on the site and 1 year of limited warranty in addition to manufacturer’s warranty.

For customers that means that we have one full year to decide whether we want to keep a product we purchased from LongLiveBowling.com.

And please believe me when I say that there’s no other site out there to offer that. Sure, some offer free delivery, others offer free shipping too but hit you with a handling fees but none of them offers free shipping if you want to return an item. What they do is they hit you with restocking fees as high as 15%.

Why is LongLiveBowling.com so generous? Simply because they need as many paying clients as they can get to stay in business. As I said earlier the website was launched about 12 months ago and they need a way to distinguished themselves in order to attract customers and that’s how they do it.

I think their approach to business will be successful which means that pretty soon they will have more clients they could handle and when that moment comes they will no longer be offering these generous terms.

If You Need Cool and Durable Women’s Bowling Shoes – Read This

Here’s a quick test for you. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name Dexter? For the bowlers among you I am sure the popular TV show is not what you think about but rather the bowling shoes manufacturer, correct?

For years Dexter has been the undisputed leader among the bowling shoe manufacturers in the US but with Brunswick and Storm who recently introduced their lines of bowling shoes that might change in the years to come.

Regardless of what would happen the fact of the matter is that Dexter makes darn good shoes, period.

In the article that follows I will review Dexter's women’s shoes in their 2013-2013 lineup.

I was shocked a little bit when I discovered that they have twelve models (no other shoes manufacturer has that many). Here they are: Dexter SST 8, Dexter SST 8 SE, Dexter SST, Dexter Astrid III, Dexter Mary Jane, Dexter Heidi, Dexter Ana, Dexter Cheeta, Dexter Groove, Lori, Dexter Vicky and Dexter Raquel III that sell for from $34.99 to $149.99.

The line of women’s bowling shoes is endorsed by Shannon O’Keefe who is a 5 time member of Team USA, and is the reigning Women's World Champion.

Judging by the fact that Dexter is still the biggest manufacturers of shoes in the States it seems to me that a lot of women bowlers want to be like her (for the curious among you she wears SST 8).

The goal of the article is to show you the female’s line of bowling shoes from Dexter and in consequent articles I’ll talk about every shoe in more details.

However before we part ways I would like to share with you where to get the best deal on shoes. If you think that Amazon.com, Ebay or the big dogs in the bowling niche have the best prices and terms you might be mistaken and here’s why.

These sites have accumulated over the years a lot of loyal customers who visit them every time they need a particular item without comparing prices and terms.

However, that’s not the way smart bowlers shop for bowling products. They have a little dirty secret I am about to reveal to you now. They all go to LongLiveBowling.com.

LongLiveBowling is a website owned by former US Bowling Team Coach Sean Klug. It offers free shipping both ways on all bowling balls, bags and shoes on the site. You might think that all other sites offer it but this is simply not true.

True, some of them offer free delivery ,some of them charge a packaging fee but all of them have restocking fees if you want to return a product.

Unlike them LongLiveBowling.com doesn’t hit you with a restocking fee if you decide to return a ball, bag or pair of shoes if they are in sellable condition.

And in addition to that the site has 1 year limited warranty on all products they carry in addition to manufacturer’s original warranty. And this is another thing you can get from any other website out there that sells bowling products.

Cool Men’s Bowling Shoes from Dexter

I am sure that there is no bowler on this planet who hasn’t heard the name of Dexter- the number 1 manufacturer of shoes in the States.

This fact is true as of writing this article but Brunswick and Storm are are stealing market share from them so I won’t be so surprised if pretty soon Dexter becomes number 2 or even 3.

However this doesn’t change the fact that Dexter mens shoes are darn good and have withstood the test of time.

In the post that follows I’ll give you a quick overview of their men’s line of bowling shoes for the 2013-2014 season.

I was a little surprised when I found out that it has 16 models: Dexter SST 8, Dexter SST 6 LZ, Dexter SST 8 SE, Dexter SST 5 LX, Dexter SST 1, Dexter Fred, Dexter Zig Zag, Dexter Pro AM II, Dexter Dale, Dexter Turbo II, Dexter Seth, Dexter Jeff II, Dexter Jason IV, Dexter Jack, Dexter V Strap and Dexter Ricky II at prices between $35.99 and $149.99.

Dexter divides their men’s shoes into 2 major categories: performance shoes and athletic shoes. The first category includes SST 8 SE, SST 5 LX and SST 1. The category of athletic bowling shoes includes the following: Fred, Zig Zag, Pro AM II, Dale, Turbo II, Seth, Jeff II, Jason IV, Jack, V-Strap and Ricky II.

I am well aware of the fact that Dexter’s bowling shoes tend to be expensive and if you are looking for something cheaper you should probably check out what Brunswick has to offer but there is a good reason for that – their shoes are good.

Men’s shoes are worn by famous bowlers like Walter Ray Williams, Jr and Tommy Jones.

I guess a lot of bowlers want to be like them because Dexter continues to be the number one manufacturer of shoes in the U.S.

In consequent articles I’ll be talking about every shoe in details, here I just want share with you where to can get the best deal on Dexter bowling shoes.

If your thinking is that the place to shop for bowling products is Amazon.com or the big dogs in the bowling niche you would want to reconsider.

Sure those sites have a loyal following and every time people need a particular product they just visit any of these sites and buy it and they could care less whether or not they’re overpaying for it.

However, this is not the way smart bowlers shop. Their little secret is a small website LongLiveBowling.com. This is a site owned by a former US Bowling Team Coach Sean Klug.

It offers bags, balls and bowling shoes at fair prices but it also offers something that no one else does – free shipping both ways on every product on their website and additional one year limited warranty in addition to manufacturer’s original warranty.

What that means for consumers like you and me is that we can purchase from the site with a peace of mind because even if we bought something we did not like we have a full year to send it back to LLB.com. On their dime.

If you think it’s not a big deal keep in mind that all bowling websites out there will hit you with a 15% restocking fee if you want to return a product. So to see for yourself visit LongLiveBowling.

Who Has the Best Women’s Bowling Shoes – Storm, That’s Whom

According to the stats I have access to Storm is the leader in the market for balls and is the 2nd largest bowling bags manufacturer in the States. Maybe for that reason they call themselves The Bowlers Company and I agree with that statement.

Storm didn’t have their own line of bowling shoes which was shame in my opinion. However since then plenty of things have changed. Storm introduced a line of shoes for men and women and is currently the third player in the market trailing behind Dexter and Brunswick only.

I’m pretty sure that the company itself was surprised by how fast they managed to take market share from Dexter. Anyway, what I want to talk with you about today is Storm's line of shoes for women.

Storm Windy is the cheapest shoe in the line priced at $58.99. I would say that if you are just starting out or think of yourself as a mid-level bowler this might be the shoe you need. But if you think that almost sixty bucks for a pair of women’s shoes is a lot I would recommend that you look at the line of Brunswick shoes. Feature wise the Windy has a non-marking rubber outsole, push-off sole, u-throat upper pattern and a synthetic upper.

The next shoe for the same amount of money is Storm Cloud. It is available in one color only – white/lite blue. It has synthetic upper, blown EVA midsole, two piece rubber outsole and fixed S8 slide soles and heels on both shoes.

If for some reason or no reason at all you don’t like the Windy and the Cloud and have $1 more to spend you might want to consider the Storm Electra.

It’s available in white/grape starstone/yellow which looks pretty cool I should admit. Please, don’t come back to me to complain if total strangers want to start a conversation with you. As for the features the Electra has blown EVA midsole, synthetic upper, 2 piece rubber outsole and s8 slide soles and heels on both shoes.

For $69.99 you could get Mariah by Storm. The shoe comes in one color only – white/hot pink and has synthetic upper, two-piece rubber outsole, blown EVA midsole and fixed S8 slide soles and heels on both shoes.

The first of the two high-performance shoes is Storm SP2 602. The shoe sells for $139.99. It comes in white/black/pink and is for both right and left handed bowlers.

Unlike all the aforementioned shoes the SP2 602 has a full grain leather upper as opposed to synthetic upper. That alone makes it look expensive. It also has interchangeable sole/heel system as well as s8 sole and h5 saw tooth heel.

The most expensive one in the line of Storm women’s shoes is the SP2 601.It cost $159.99 but it is worth it if you are looking for a high-end shoe.

The shoe is well constructed and looks well (comes in white/silver/teal only). It’s also very comfortable to wear. The sole is very easy to change and overall Storm SP2 601 is a great shoe.

I hope I managed to pick your curiosity and if you want to find out more about the shoes in this article or want to buy one what you are about to read is going to save you plenty of money. If your urge is to check out Amazon.com, Ebay or any of the popular sites in the bowling niche – stop because 90% of the time you will be paying more than you should.

Instead, check out a relatively new site that sells bowling balls, bowling bags and bowling shoes – LongLiveBowling.com. You always get the cheapest price and free shipping (and return) as well as an year of additional limited warranty on all Storm shoes.

Exposed – 2014 Line of Men’s Bowling Shoes by Storm

As you most likely know Storm Bowling is the major player in the bowling balls business. It battles Brunswick for the number one position in bowling bags but until couple of years ago it did not even have a line of bowling shoes.

Maybe because of their marketing genius they hit the ground running with the shoes and in that short period managed to become the 3rd major shoe manufacturer.

The new 2013 Storms mens shoes line is no exception. Shoes are pretty cool and that’s why I decided to write an article on them.

Let’s begin with the least expensive shoe first – Storm Blizzard. It can be purchased online for $58.99 and as the price suggests it’s for the beginner or mid-level bowler.

The shoe has synthetic upper, u-throat upper pattern, non-marking rubber outsole with defined heel and Storm’s exclusive S8 microfiber slide soles.

Storm Bolt is for the ones who need a nice bowling shoe but at the same time don’t want to spend a fortune. The Bolt has exactly the same features as the Blizzard but what separate it from the cheaper shoe is the cooler look and the EVA midsole.

The third shoe in the line is Storm Lightning. It comes in two colors – black/gray/yellow and teal/black/yellow. It sells online for $76.99.

After talking with a few people I think I got the idea why this shoe is so popular. It is because of the colors, the good fit and the slide friction. A few bought it simply because the already had a a ball in the same color and liked how it made them stand apart from the other bowlers on League Nights.

Next is the black Storm SP700. The cheapest one I found online was $139.99. As the price suggests this isn’t a shoe for beginners but rather for pros. Unlike all the shoes I reviewed above this one has a leather majority upper, interchangeable sole and heel slide foot only and strobal construction.

For the same amount of money if you don’t like the SP700 you can get the Storm 702. It has the same features but what separates it is that 702 has no extra soles or heels but has a left and right specific sport outsole.

If you are a pro who wants a high-quality bowling shoe you might want to take a peek at all the cool features of Storm SP 800. The upscale look comes from the leather majority upper. A few other cool features are the air vents for breathability, hand-specific sport outsole as well as the interchangeable sole and heel.

The last and the most expensive one is the Storm SP 900. It is priced at $159.99 and comes in two colors. The white/blue and yellow model is for left/right handed bowlers and the black/gray and silver is available as regular and wide.

Regardless of what I want to buy I try to stratch my dollar as much as possible. Buying bowling shoes is no exception. I would assume you are the same way and if this is the case I am going to share my secret source for bowling bags, balls and shoes at rock-bottom prices with you.

No, I am not talking about Amazon.com and the likes here. The site I am referring to is LongLiveBowling.com.

What you get is an additional year of warranty and free shipping both ways and believe me when I say that no other website out there offers that.

Brunswick Women’s Bowling Shoes – Overview

I am not sure about you but for me personally every time someone mentions the word Brunswick I always think of bowling, bowling balls and pins going into the gutters. One of the main reasons is their omnipresence. They are everywhere. There’s no state without their bowling centers.

The company have been making the best bowling bags on the market for decades and is either number one or number two (depending on whom you’re asking) in bowling balls as well.

When it came to shoes though Brunswick pretty much didn’t exist and Dexter had the whole market for themselves.

Things really started to change either in 2010 or 2011 when the shoe license was revoked from Dexter and given to another company with a lot of fresh ideas how to grow market share. And they almost did it. For 2 years or so Brunswick went from oblivion to number two in market for bowling shoes.

But right now I want to talk with you about their 2013-2014 line of Brunswick shoes for women and in consequent articles I will talk about every shoe in details.

Brunswick Charm, Brunswick Curve, Brunswick Diamond, Brunswick Glide, Brunswick Plaid and Brunswick Silk are the 6 models in the current line of women’s shoes.

One interesting fact to bear in mind is that none of the 6 shoes is a performance shoe. That’s right Brunswick doesn’t compete in this market. However, this is about to change the next bowling season starting in the autumn of 2014.

The least expensive one of Brunwick’s shoes is the Silk. It sells for $34.95 on-line. The Silk comes in 2 colors – black/white (normal and wide width) and blue/white.

Aside from looking cool the shoe also has the Brunswick only Komfort-Fit Construction, non-marking rubber outsole, textile lines with padded tongue and collar and man-made upper.

The next one is the Plaid. It retails for $38.95 on-line. The shoe is available in two colors – pink and purple and both look pretty cool. The Komfort-Fit construction is built into this shoe as well.

Similar to the Silk the Plaid has a man made upper, non-marking rubber outsole too as textile lines with padded tongue and collar.

The third shoe I want to review is the Diamond. It is just a dollar more than the Plaid - $39.95. The Diamond comes in just one color – white/purple but it looks cool. It has a microfiber slide pad on both feet with FlexSlide Technology, KomfortFit construction and non-marking rubber outsole.

The next one is the Glide – a white/pink sturdy and at the same time comfortable shoe with soft soles. In addition it is guaranteed to turn heads on League Nights.

It goes without saying (judging by the price) that this is a shoe for novices. However it can fool a pro because of the way it slides and the classy look.

Brunswick Curve comes in four colors – purple, blue, white/coral and white/hot pink. It sells for $2 more than the Glide - $47.95 but what you get is more shoe. Here’s what I mean.

The very first thing bowlers notice about this shoe is the modern look. To me it looks like the times when all women’s bowling shoes looked like they would be worn by old ladies are gone. The comfort is great and a few ladies shared with me they regret these shoes can be worn only at the lanes.

I saved the most expensive shoe for last. The Charm go for $66.95. It’s available in black&white only.

The Komfort-Fit technology is what sets the Charm apart from the competition. Another thing is the edgy look. I’m surprised that Brunswick doesn’t charge at least $10 more to be in line with what their competitors charge for bowling shoes in the same class.

Want people to envy you? Then fork out $66.95 and people will be befriending you next League Night, that’s for sure.

In the article I mentioned a few times how much each shoe sell for. Remember, these are the lowest prices I could find on those shoes. No, I didn’t go on Amazon.

There is a relatively new website called LongLiveBowling.com. It attracts customers with free shipping (and returns) and one year limited warranty in addition to Brunswick’s original warranty.

Brunswick Men’s Bowling Shoes – Review

Next time you go to a bowling proshop take a look at what’s written on the boxes of all Brunswick shoes – “Slide right out of the box. It means that you won’t need to break them and for bowlers that’s big. And that’s just one of the reasons to check out the new 2013-2014 line of men’s bowling shoes by Brunswick.

Before I dive into reviewing their men’s bowling shoes I’d like to tell you a little bit more about the company.

It is the undisputed leader in the bags market with Storm being distant second. When it comes to bowling shoes though they were non-existent.

However, two years ago things started to change. Brunswick put new people on the helm of the shoes division and the positive results followed almost immediately. As of writing this Brunswick is the second largest manufacturer of bowling shoes in the States.

They have a line of shoes for beginners and mid-level bowlers but do not have any shoes in the high class to compete with Dexter and 3G bowling. That’s a huge minus the way I see it but I rest assured that for the 2014-2015 season that would be fixed.

With that out of the way let’s take a look at Brunswick’s line of shoes for men. There are total of 6 models in it – Cruiser, Flyer, Mariner, Steeler, Clipper and Warrior priced from $35.95 for the Flyer to $66.95 for the Steeler.

But instead of talking generalities I would rather tell a few words for every shoe thus helping you to make a better decision.

1. The first and the cheapest one is Brunswick Flyer. It costs $35.95 only and comes in either black or white.

Among its features are non marking rubber outsole, soft man-made upper and textile lined with padded tongue and color.

2. The second in the line in terms of cost is Brunswick Mariner. It has the standard for all Brunswick shoes Komfort-Fit construction and FlexSlide Technology so you won’t need to spend timebreaking it.

3. Brunswick Clipper comes in one color only – navy. Just like the Mariner and the Flyer and this shoe has Brunswick’s exclusive FlexSlide Technology and Komfort-Fit construction.

The Clipper also has a soft durable man-made upper and textile lined with padded tongue and collar. It can be bought online for $39.95.

4. Warrior by Brunswick is available in two colors – royal and orange. It is a little bit more expensive than the other three pairs of shoes but the ten dollars difference is worth it.

For one this shoe looks like a high-end shoe because of the cool blue and orange accents. It’s also comfortable thanks to the EVA midsole. As with all the other Brunswick shoes this one has Komfort-Fit construction , FlexSlide Technology and non-marking rubber outsole with raised heel.

5. For the same amount of money - $45.95 if you don’t like the Warrior you can get Brunswick Cruiser. it has exactly the same features but looks different.

6. The most expensive shoe in the line (for now) is Brunswick Steeler. It sells online for $66.95 and what makes it different from all other men’s shoes is the rubber pish-off sole.

Hopefully I was able to pick your curiosity to make you want to see the line but I’ll be doing you a disservice if I don’t tell you where to get the them for cheap.

Forget Amazon, Ebay and the likes. The website is LongLiveBowling.com. It offers free shipping both ways as well as one year limited warranty on all Brunswick men’s shoes in addition to manufacturer’s original warranty.

In simple words they’re telling you that you have one full year to decide if you want to keep the shoes. If for some reason or no reason at all that’s not what you want you simply send them back to LLB’s warehouses on their dime and get your money back.

3G Bowling Shoes are Cool

3G ,the daughter company of 900 Global just introduced their latest line of bowling shoes for men and women to the market and I want to review them because there are a few jams amongst them that I think everybody looking for shoes should know about.

There are total of 4 models in the line of 3G new line of male shoesSport Classic, Sport Deluxe, Sport Ultra and Tour Ultra. Two models are in dark colors and two are white - nothing exciting color wise compared to what Storm offers – shoes in different colors.

They are priced between $89.99 and $179.99 which makes me wonder why they’ve abandoned the low end of the market (if you don’t know what I mean check out the shoes you can get from Brunswick for less than $40.

Next is the women’s line of bowling shoes by 3G. Just 3 models here (Kicks, Sport Classic and Tour Ultra). The cheapest one is $37.99 and the most expensive one - $159.99. Again, I think the choice is somehow limited.

The Kicks model is available in black and white and priced at 37.99 making it a good entry shoe for the rookie bowler.

The 3G bowling shoes come with one year limited warranty which means the company will replace them in case of a craftsmanship issue. 3G’s policy is in line with the one of the other 3 manufacturers – Storm, Brunswick and Dexter so nothing exciting here.

However, there is a site that gives an additional year of limited warranty on all shoes. It also gives free shipping both ways.

The website in question is LongLiveBowling.com and what their policy means for you is that you have twelve months to decide whether or not the shoes are right for you.
If for some reason you aren’t happy with your purchase you can send it back to their warehouses on their dime (restrictions apply).

I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to find another website that gives you more for your money. Feel free to check out the big dogs in the bowling business. If you visited their sites you would see they all charge restocking fees as high as 15% and you pay for the shipping back.

I’ll admit that not charging restocking fees when all your competitors does is not that smart but that’s their way to steal customers from the eight hundred pounds gorillas in their business.

In my opinion that approach would work and before long they will have more customers they would be able to handle. That means that once that happens they will restrict their generous return policy.

So if you want to take advantage of what they offer you might want to visit their website while it is still fresh in your mind. No need to scroll up, the url is LongLiveBowling.com.

Here’s a piece of trivia that might make you like LLB.com even more. The guy behind it has been in the bowling world for more than forty years as a bowler, owner of a chain of proshops, coach of the US National Bowling team and now in his latest reincarnation as an e-commerce web site owner.

The good thing is that you can take advantage of his wide knowledge. You can go to the site and ask him all your bowling-related questions and get answers from him completely free.

If You Need Cool and Durable Shoes for Bowling – Read This

I think that you’ll agree with me when I say that for ten years or so Dexter rhymed with shoes for bowling. To a certain degree it is still true even though in the last two or three years Brunswick and Storm launched their own lines of bowling shoes for men, women and kids and have been taking share from Dexter ever since. The fact is though that as of writing this they’re still the undisputed leader in this market.

A few months ago during Bowl Expo in Las Vegas I got Dexter’s new shoe catalog and I was surprised to discover that their shoes have been endorsed from pros like Walter Ray Williams Jr, Tommy Jones, Shannon O’Keefe which means that they must be good, correct?

I was also surprised by the sheer number of shoes in all categories, more than any other manufacturer out there.

Dexter's men’s line of shoes has fifteen styles: SST 8, SST 6 LZ, SST 8 SE, SST 5 LX, SST 1, Fred, Zig Zag, Pro AM II, Dale, Seth, Jeff II, Jason IV, Jack, V-Strap and Ricky III.

Shoes are primarily in dark colors – black and brown with the exceptions being Dale, Fred, Jeff II, Jason IV and Ricky III (white). They are priced from $35.99 for Ricky III to $149.99 for the SST 8 shoes meaning that regardless of what your budget is you can get shoes that are comfortable and also look great.

Women’s shoes come in 9 styles: Astrid III, Mary Jane, Heidi, Ana, Cheeta, Groove, Lori, Vicky and Raquel III. The main colors are black and white as to be expected (if you want shoes with more colors check out what Storm has to offer). Price wise the shoes go for between $34.99 to $149.99. Again – regardless of your budget there’ll be shoes that aren’t expensive, look nice and feel comfortable.

All shoes from Dexter come with 1 year limited warranty. It means that If there’s any defect in craftsmanship Dexter would replace it (their policy is similar to the one of all other bowling shoe manufacturers – Brunswick, 3G and Storm).

I don’t know about you but I always try to get the most for my money regardless of what I buy and after a little digging I found a cool little site – LongLiveBowling.com that offers another year of warranty in addition to the original one

One year limited warranty simply means that within those 12 months you can return the shoes for any reason and get your money back.

That’s right, if you don’t like what you bought from LLB you can send it back to their warehouses and they will pay for it. Compare it to the 15% restocking fees all other sites charge and you’ll understand why LongLiveBowling.com is the way to go.

If you are thinking to yourself that this sounds too good to be true you are wrong and I’ll prove it to you. LongLiveBowling.com is a young company that hasn’t established itself yet in the marketplace. To do that they need to differentiate from the big boys in the bowling business in order to attract clients and generous terms are their way.

My guts tell me that their approach to business might pay off in spades. In this economy everyone wants to stretch their dollar and that’s exactly what LongLiveBowling.com gives them. When they have more clients they could serve I think they will become just another big dumb website that’s concerned more about their bank account than their customers.

However their terms right now are what they are so why not take advantage of them. Oh, I almost forgot. The man behind the site is a former U.S. Team Coach and would love to answer all your questions about bowling in general and the products on the site in particular.

Exposed – 2014 Line of Storm Bowling Shoes

Storm is known as THE Bowler’s Company and and for a very good reason. They’re the undisputed leader in bowling balls with their line that has a ball for every level bowler – from their Premier for the pros to the Ice Line for rookies.

They are also a dominant player in the bags market even though they’re number two behind Brunswick. Regardless of that I know people who would argue with you for hours that no one can make better bowling bags than Storm.

You might not believe it but Storm did not have shoes in their line until a 1 or 2 years ago which was a bit strange. Regardless of that fact they quickly grew their market share and as of today they are the third biggest manufacturer of shoes in the US behind Dexter and Brunswick.

In the article you are about to read I’m going to share with you what I think about Storm's line of men’s and women’s bowling shoes.

Their men’s line have 7 styles – Bolt, Lightning, SP 700, SP 702, SP2 900, SP 800 and Blizzard so no matter what shoe you are looking for Storm is likely to have it. The shoes are priced from $59.99 for the Blizzard to $159.99 for the SP2 900.

What I like about men’s line of bowling in particular is the meny colors one can choose from. Given, Storm has the all black shoes for the older bowlers but it also offers shoes in bright colors like orange, green and yellow for the younger bowlers – Lightning, SP 702 and Blizzard.

Their line of women’s consist of six models – Cloud, Electra, Mariah, SP2 601, SP2 602 and Windy. Color wise the choice is limited, compared to men’s line if shoes. Women’s shoes are primarily white with the exception of the Windy and Mariah.

Price wise shoes go for between $58.99 and $159.99 so again no matter what your budget is I am sure you’ll be able to find a shoe that you like and is within your price range.

Both men’s and women’s shoes come with 12 months limited warranty from Storm which is line with what Brunswick, Dexter and 3G offer on their shoes.

However, if you get shoes from LongLiveBowling.com you will also get an additional year of limited warranty and both ways free shipping.

Not quite what LLB’s warranty really means? It means that you’ll get free shipping on your order and you’ll also have 1 year to decide whether or not you want to keep the shoes.

So let’s say that for any reason you don’t like the shoes you bought and want to send them back. All you have to do is to contact them within twelve months of purchase and they’ll gladly send you a return label. All you have to do is to put the shoe box in the post box and wait for your refund.

You probably think that this sounds too good to be true. I don’t blame you for that because my initial reaction was the same but it turned out that I was wrong.

You are probably thinking that this sounds too good to be true. I must admit that’s exactly what I thought the first time I stumbled upon the site. After doing some more research it turned out LLB was a legit site and the one year additional warranty and free shipping was just their way to stand out from their competitors that sell bowling bags, balls and shoes.

Offering such generous terms is a sure fire way to attract customers fast. At one point LongLiveBowling will probably more customers that they can serve and this is when they’ll cease offering their generous terms. However, as of now you can still get free both ways shipping and an extra year of warranty at no cost to you.

And if like this wasn’t enough you also get to deal with a former US Bowling team coach Sean Klug who’s the owner of the site.

What that means for you is that on the website you can ask such an expert your bowling related question and get answers straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak.

That is really something you won’t get anywhere else. Sean Klug, the owner has been in bowling for more than forty years as a bowler, pro shop owner and couch so it’s highly likely he has experienced the problems you’re experiencing right now.

October 12 2013


How To Get Out Of The Me-too Business And Start Charging What You Are Worth

So you decided to build an online business a while ago? ?Gurus? were telling you that it was so easy ? just build a web site and purchase that villa by the beach.

You learned how to build a web site and drive traffic to it. All of a sudden you found out that to have an ecommerce business you had to to have a site first. And after spending countless hours online reading how how it?s done you finally had it up and running. Then you had to teach yourself how to drive traffic to it. After asking on webmaster forums you even figured out what a domain is and how to register one. Not only that but also to buy a ssl and install it on your site.

It felt so great when you were overcoming all this obstacles along the way and were secretly laughing at all your buddies who thought you were crazy. Pride, joy and satisfaction. It?s ok to admit it ? you were looking forward to the day all these people who did not believe in you would be begging you to share with them how you did it.

However, even though your site is on-line and getting a few visitors here and there you aren?t sure you will succeed in this endeavor. You are now wondering how come you didn?t notice that there are so many sites selling exactly the same stuff as you. The problem was the big guys in your niche that were blowing everyone else out of the water.

If you are wondering how I know that the answer is pretty simple ? personal experience. When I started out I had my behind kicked so many times that I stopped taking count. I couldn?t sleep at night; I was miserable and made the people around me miserable too. However it does not have to be that way. I lost sleep. I would wake up in the middle of the night and start thinking about ways to outsmart my competitors. What?s more - I stopped eating and lost a lot of weight. I got so skinny that my friends thought I was sick. I am sure though that things don?t have to be that way.

Yes, yes and yes again! Despite of the fact that you do not believe it you can run a ROI positive ecommerce business. Wonder how ? just keep reading and pretty soon you will find out.

So, step 1 ? drive targeted traffic to your e-commerce store. And drive a lot of it ? the more, the better. There is 1 simple reason for that. On average only three percent of all web site visitors purchase anything. If you are wondering why ? here is why. According to multiple studies 97 of one hundred visitors to your site leave it without buying anything. Sure enough, I?m here to tell you how to increase the number of people who buy on your site but remember that you?ll never be able to sell something to 100% of the visitors to your site.

First thing first ? you need to drive traffic to your site but how do you do that in reality? There are million ways to do that, don?t believe me ? just type the query into Google and see the number of results it will return. You can spend years mastering them all but that?s not the goal of this article.

In this article I will teach you how to make website visitors chose to buy from you over your competition even though you both carry exactly the same thing.

For the most impatient among you this secret can be summarized in one simple sentence ? add value to sell. Adding value is the only way I know to differentiate from your competitors.

But let not put the carriage before the horse and explain in simple English what value and is not. Here is my definition of value ? giving your customers something tangible or intangible they can not get nowhere else.

Let me tell you a story ? on a bright and sunny day a while ago someone gave me a call. It was a man who I barely knew who had launched a website to sell bowling balls, bags and shoes not so long before that.

There was nothing special about the website ? the balls, shoes, bags and accessories were the same as those on the major bowling sites. So, in order to distinguish himself from those guys and give LongLiveBowling.com visitors a reason to purchase from him he had to add value, something that no other website was offering.

Want to know what the trick we pulled in is? It?s very simple. We created about 50 or so product videos. Videos where the guy was demonstrating the balls, bags and shoes and sharing his thoughts on them. I guess you are puzzled a little bit at this point thinking how on Earth making videos can add value to an ecommerce store? People could actually see the real product at LongLiveBowling.com while the other guys had just pictures of it.

Secondly ? visitors could see who they were buying from. As you know when given the chance people want to buy from real people not from big and dumb faceless corporations. They could bond with the owner of LongLiveBowling.com and feel that he?s a genuine guy, someone who really loves bowling.

Wonder how it worked ? it worked like a gangbuster, thanks for asking. The people who watched the videos liked them. They felt great about buying from that particular website and were sending their buddies to us as well.

In this particular case we provided intangible value but you could also offer something tangible. I?m sure I do not have to give you examples of giving something to make the sale ? for the guys here - free drink with every pizza slide purchase. If we wanted to do that with the owner of the site we could have given away a small accessory for example.

All I wanted to say is that everyone can do something like that. Just sit down and think what value you could provide to your customers and communicate it clearly to them so they have a really good reason to choose you over your competition.

If you want to see that for yourself go to the bowling bags section of the site and after that check out the About Me page.

October 11 2013


Need a Chiropractor? Follow Thsi Simpe 5 Step Process

You can't postpone it anymore and have to pay a visit to a chiropracotr. Contrary to what you thought the pain never went away no matter what you did and chiropractic intervention is your only option. If that's the case the following guide will help you pick the best one for your case.

But before I move on with that I want to think about that for a second. Say you are about to buy a car but you want to make sure it's worth it. What would you do in a situation like this? Most likely you will ask people who already have that particular car what they think about it, correct. At least that's what I would do.

I guess you can apply the same strategy when it comes to choosing a chiro. The only thing I would add is to ask a physical therapist, primary care physician or spine specialist for recommendations if you have access to one.

Usually what happens is that there is one doctor that's considered the best in his area. It's easy to find out who he is because his name will be mentioned a few times by different people.

After talking with enough people you would usually have a short list with 2 or 3 names on it.

The first step is to schedule an office visit so you can talk with the doctor (yes, chiropractors are doctors) face to face. Try to figure out if the doctor makes you feel comfortable.

Below is a check list of things you should paying attention to:

1. How friendly the chiropractor and the office staff is.

2. How comfortable you feel talking with the doctor.

3. Was he hesitant while answering your questions like he wasn't sure what exaxtly your problem is and how to treat it.

4. Was he an active listener? Did he ask questions to better understand you and the situation you are in?

5. Can you figure out if he has dealt with a similar case to yours?

Let's say that you liked what you saw. Now is time for the next step. What you want to find out is if there are any disciplinary actions against the chiropractor.

There are many ways to go about it but here is my favorite one ' look for the board that license the chiropractors in your state.

Or just fire up Google/Bing/Yahoo and look up the name of that person. Glance over the first 10 results. In 9 cases out of 10 everything that you need to know would be there.

However, what happens if you have interviewed three chiropractors, researched them and after that you still like them all and can't make a decision.

If they are worth their salt they would have suggested a way for you to be treated. Of the all possible solutions pick the one that's most suitable to you.

Now you have it, at least a starting point to find the best doctor for you.
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